Value Proposition & Guarantee

We work for you, not your competitors

ROI-centric PPC company in South Florida

We have developed a unique pricing structure for each client based on their individual marketing goals and objectives. First we offer a FREE Audit of your SEM, SEO, SMM initiative(s) and competitor analysis. Then we deliver a detailed proposal at NO COST!

  • Free PPC (AdWords/Bing Ads) Audit
  • One-On-One Consultation With Our Chief PPC Strategy Officer
  • Free Competitor Analysis
  • Free Landing Page CRO Analysis
  • Free Same Day Custom PPC
    Strategy Plan & Rate Quote

First Two Months of PPC Management
Free & $150.00 in AdWords Credits

(Value: up to $2,750+)

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to bring your Business to the Next Level!

  • Free SEO Site Audit & Analysis
  • One-On-One Consultation with our Chief SEO Strategy Officer
  • Free Competitor Analysis
  • Free Same Day Custom
    SEO Protocol & Rate Quote

15% Off First Two Months
of SEO Management

(Value: up to $1,500+)

*Fill out this form or call 1-844-SEM-NEXT
to bring your Business to the Next Level!

NLM’s Value Proposition

We understand that you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your Digital Marketing Partner.  We promise you will receive transparent, easy-to-understand information designed to aid you in making an educated decision in choosing a partner.

We always have your best interests and your bottom line (ROI) in mind. Our pricing ensures that our work is never compromised and that we will maximize your marketing budget. We will consult with you to learn every salient detail of your business and your company’s vision.  This allows us to create a marketing strategy custom-tailored for you. We continuously offer promotions to new clients to make the process of getting started with us a seamless one.

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NLM Guarantee

At NLM, we work for you, and you only. We commit to one client, per industry, per demographic. Which means we will never work for your competition. In fact, we are constantly gathering competitive intelligence to understand your competitor’s strategy, rankings, and conversions so that we can emulate what they are already doing effectively.

Unlike our competitors, our business model is designed to ensure there is no conflict of interest. Each of our clients receives the attention they need in order to be truly successful.

“At NLM, we strive to develop long-term exclusive relationships with our clients. We are YOUR full-service custom marketing solution.”

Next Level SEM Exclusive Service

PPC Guarantee

Most PPC companies don’t offer a guarantee because they are not confident in their abilities. The NLM PPC Guarantee is simple: If you don’t receive at least a 3-1 Return on Investment in Months One or Two through your managed PPC campaign, you don’t pay us a management fee.

Attorney marketing agency has ROI guarantee

SEO Guarantee

Most SEO companies don’t offer a guarantee because they are not confident in their abilities. The NLM SEO Guarantee is simple: We will rank you on the first page of the major search engines for at least 20 search terms within three months. If not, you don’t pay anything more until we do.


Search Engine Optimization Pricing

Unlike our competitors, we DO NOT offer different packages for SEO. Some companies offer tiered-system packaging, like like Gold, Silver, or Platinum, to sell their services. In almost every instance, if you don’t select their highest priced package, you won’t get the rankings that you need to succeed.

Today’s SEO strategies must include a plan of attack that incorporates not just on-site SEO, but reputation management, directory listings, and social media management as well. If not, you will end up spending thousands of dollars and vast amounts of time, committing to a process that is going to get you nowhere, like the lower-priced packages of our competitors.

We only have ONE SEO plan that we offer. It’s priced competitively to get you top rankings and is 100% ROI-centric.

Next Level SEM - SEO Pricing

Search Engine Marketing Pricing

Next Level SEM - Pricing

Our SEM management services are incentive-based. You set your budget and we charge a percentage based on your paid-placement monthly spend/budget to manage your account(s), tracking, reporting, and monthly consulting. Our main objective is for your campaign(s) to be profitable and for your online business to grow exponentially. We want you to increase your monthly paid placement budget with us because we get paid when you are successful (as it should be).

As a Google Certified Partner, we are granted credits from Google to pass onto our Clients. Your first $150.00 in traffic is on us!

We are so confident in our ability to manage an effective, high-yielding, ROI focused campaign for you that we offer our management services completely FREE of charge if we are unable to generate at least a 300% ROI in your first two months of service.